Mayor Fenty Campaigns on U Street

Campaign time for the Mayor, on U st.

Mayor Fenty asks a potential voter if she is registered in the District.

As they walked by, Mayor Adrian Fenty asked people if they were registered to vote in the district; if the answer was “No”, they were directed to an extremely cordial volunteer who offered to explain how to do that while he noted their information on a clipboard.

The Mayor’s volunteers fanned out along the intersection of 16th and U, offering giant stickers, pamphlets and pictures with the Mayor to everyone they came across. Whenever a photograph was snapped, the Mayor said, “Put it on Facebook!”

When a prospective voter asked about the volley of dates she had been told about by an enthusiastic staffer, Fenty clarified that “Early voting begins August 30th. Election day may be chaotic, so if you’re not registered, you may want to do early voting so that you can register and vote when it’s less busy. You can do it on your lunch hour!” The narrow green fliers his staff handed out proudly touted his endorsement by the Washington Post. As I was walking away, I heard a strong chorus of cheers; I turned, the volunteers, candidate and staff had gathered on the small island at the intersection of 16th and U Streets to wave signs in unison while chanting, “Four More Years!”