D.C.-Area Immigrants: Highly-Skilled and Over-Qualified

In the D.C.-area, there are many more high-skilled immigrant workers than low-skilled immigrants. This is according to a new report by the Brookings Institution, which analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data. It found that locally, there are 189 high-skilled immigrants for every 100 low-skilled immigrants.

The data examines the D.C.-area as including parts of Maryland, Virginia and (for some reason) West Virginia. And out of all of the post-World War II immigration gateways, the D.C.-area is the only one with a high immigrant skills ratio. Los Angeles, one of the other post-World War II gateways, has 62 high-skilled immigrant workers for every 100 low-skilled immigrants.

But having more skills doesn’t necessarily translate into higher wages — the report also found that many of these high-skilled immigrant workers are overqualified for the jobs they hold. The same holds true locally. For instance, many low-wage earning South Asians immigrants in D.C. hold graduate or professional degrees.
DC Immigrants

Controversial Immigration Views from a bar in Adams Morgan

Flickr: Jenn Larsen

Beer at the Black Squirrel, in Adams Morgan.

According to NBC4, The Black Squirrel, a bar on 18th Street NW, is generating some serious buzz– and it’s not always the positive kind, nor what you might expect:

A months-old blog post on the website of an Adams Morgan bar is stirring up new controversy. Twitter is all… atwitter (sorry) about an entry on the website of the Black Squirrel (2427 18th St. N.W.) decrying illegal aliens…

Local Twitter users are promising to boycott the venue. “Moving back to DC in 3 days, love craft beer & the only thing I know about @ThBlackSquirrel is won’t ever go there,” wrote Kevin Thurman (@kmthurman).

The Black Squirrel might want to keep the following in mind: Do NOT anger people on the Internet. Especially about political issues, in D.C., to people who need artisanal craft beers merely to survive.

I’m not surprised that a bar– even one in the Morg, which I associate more with partying than politicking– has a blog which explores hot-button issues now and then. This is D.C., after all. I am surprised when such a blog boldly proclaims sentiments like this about illegal immigration:
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