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On that poll we did with the City Paper…


Believe it or not, this is graffiti in Atlanta.

WAMU 88.5′s The Kojo Nnamdi Show and The City Paper collaborated on a poll of registered voters, asking them about the obvious (Mayoral candidates) and the not-so-obvious (“Mayor For Life” Marion Barry).

While a lot of the Twitterati are focusing on Vince Gray’s 50-39 lead over Adrian Fenty, I’d like to highlight this, from the WCP:

One question looked at yet another polarizing figure in D.C. politics: former Mayor Marion Barry, now a Ward 8 councilmember.

  • 20 percent said Barry “should be respected as ‘Mayor for Life’ and celebrated as a civil rights hero.”
  • 36 percent said Barry “should remain in politics as long as he likes and is re-elected.”
  • 32 percent said Barry “should retire gracefully and go away from public life.”
  • 7 percent said Barry “should still be in jail.”
  • 5 percent weren’t sure what they thought of him.
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    Speak up for SmarTrip negativity on GGW!

    Mr. T in DC

    Mr. T in DC's SmarTrip Card

    Greater Greater Washington‘s founder, David Alpert, (who, incidentally, is the subject of a cover story on “Smart Growth” for the latest edition of the City Paper) is calling on readers to go over six possible alternatives to WMATA’s plan to no longer allow SmarTrip cards to have a negative balance.

    WMATA raised the hackles of many riders when it announced SmarTrips would no longer go negative. Responding to the outcry, CFO Carol Kissal and her team developed six alternatives for handing the issue, which they presented to the Riders’ Advisory Council last night.

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    Vincent Gray Calls out WaPo (sort of)


    Did you know the Post has its own zip code?

    Look what I missed, while I was running around looking for my “Reporting for Dummies” book; after today’s debate at the Newseum, the City Paper’s Loose Lips got mischievous.

    When Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli went over to Gray after the debate to introduce himself, LL couldn’t help but try and stir the pot, asking Gray what he thought of the Post’s editorial page. Which, in case you didn’t know, is very pro-Fenty. (And, also in case you didn’t know, a part of the paper Brauchli has nothing to do with.)

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    Fenty: Rhee is Sticking Around

    Michelle Rhee

    David Clow – Maryland

    Michelle Rhee

    Michelle Rhee is marrying the Mayor of Sacramento, California; it’s not surprising that DC residents are wondering whether that milestone could mean a cross-country move for the DC schools Chancellor. Considering how important our city’s schools (and Rhee) have been to the Mayoral race, it’s an issue worth addressing. Mayor Fenty did just that, when he met with the staff of the Washington City Paper today:

    CP: There’s been some talk, mostly from people who are supporting your opponent, even if you win, Michelle Rhee will probably move. She’s getting married, etc. Do you and her have an understanding that’s she’s going to stay for your second term?

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