Fenty: Rhee is Sticking Around

Michelle Rhee

David Clow – Maryland

Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee is marrying the Mayor of Sacramento, California; it’s not surprising that DC residents are wondering whether that milestone could mean a cross-country move for the DC schools Chancellor. Considering how important our city’s schools (and Rhee) have been to the Mayoral race, it’s an issue worth addressing. Mayor Fenty did just that, when he met with the staff of the Washington City Paper today:

CP: There’s been some talk, mostly from people who are supporting your opponent, even if you win, Michelle Rhee will probably move. She’s getting married, etc. Do you and her have an understanding that’s she’s going to stay for your second term?

Fenty: We do. We do. And it’s not only an understanding that we personally have literally, almost verbatim….

I’m almost 100 percent confident that there’s no way she feels right now that she has done everything that she sought out to do. I think that is Michelle Rhee as a person knowing her both personally and professionally.

The City Paper also asked whether the Mayor made the cut for the newer, smaller, “more private” wedding list; he did, not that you were losing sleep over it.

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