Does D.C. Need a Jobs Czar?

Mladen Antonov / AFP/Getty

Unemployment has reached a “nearly record high” in the District — it’s now at 11.1 percent — and lawmakers and experts are scrambling to figure out ways to tackle the problem.

So what about a jobs czar? That’s what D.C. Councilman Vincent Orange (At-large) will be proposing when he introduces legislation Tuesday to create such an office.

According to Orange’s press release, the jobs czar’s primary role would be to “develop a workforce that can be connected to jobs coming on line within the District of Columbia.” The jobs czar would also be responsible for ensuring compliance with first source employment agreements, which guarantees D.C. residents get priority in hiring for certain jobs. That’s been a particularly sore issue east of the Anacostia River, where two major development projects have been criticized for not hiring enough District residents.

So, tell us: do you think a jobs czar will help alleviate the District’s unemployment divide?

  • Anonymous

    So, appointing a government official will help private businesses hire more people? Unless they order people to hire, it won’t do a darn thing. Except make one less person unemployed – the jobs czar.