Love Bites Food Truck: A Sweet Idea from Native Washingtonians

Remember when I mentioned the Love Bites food truck on Monday? Unlike the majority of trucks I’ve wandered up to, Love Bites is run by an African-American, Mother-Daughter duo and powered by local recipes. I had serendipitously discovered them on U Street, on Saturday, while taking my puppy for a walk; shortly thereafter, I tried my first Sweet Potato cupcake, ever– and I’m a believer. I spoke to Tima of Love Bites, today; she’s the younger half of the team behind the truck. Love Bites will be at Planet Pet’s “Grand Opening Party” in Adams Morgan tomorrow, November 6th.

How did Love Bites get started?

We actually formed the business in April but had to go get the truck, paint it and everything. So we were established in April, but were on the road four weeks ago.

What inspired you to start?

My mom has been in catering and event planning for over ten years, and we always wanted to start a Mother-Daughter business together. First we were going to do cookies, but I said I loved cupcakes. I was going to different cupcake places in D.C., all the time.

What happened to the cookies?

Last May, I went on a business trip and saw a mobile cookie truck in Columbia, South Carolina. It was called Insomnia. They basically go to the nearby colleges and deliver late night cookies to students who are studying. They make the cookies on their truck, so when they give them to you, they are still warm. So we thought of franchising, but we wanted to do something of our own.

Who makes your favorite D.C. cupcake?

Georgetown Cupcake. I love their icing. I also like Red Velvet (Ed note: the store, not the flavor)…I love their vanilla bean cupcake.

What’s your favorite food truck?

Sauca. I really, really like it. The butter chicken sandwich is very good.

Food trucks have become so popular– what sets yours apart?

Well, so many of the food trucks are not from D.C.! We are native Washingtonians, while a lot of the people in this niche are not from d.c. We’re doing more than cupcakes, too. Starting next week, we are doing candy apples. Every two weeks we’ll add more desserts to the truck, we wanted to start out with cupcakes.

About starting out– how have your first four weeks been?

Since it’s our first business, there have been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of learning, figuring things out. One good thing is that we have family working with us, so these are people we can trust. My dad helps out, my fiance does, too. We’re still trying to figure out which spots in D.C. to visit. We are asking people on Facebook where they’d like us and starting next week, an official schedule will be posted. Our first four weeks were a lot of trial and error…there are so many food trucks in d.c. so it’s harder to find parking and good locations.

You won’t have that problem tomorrow, right?

No, we won’t. We are going to be at Planet Pet at 1711 Florida Avenue NW. It’s their grand opening. They wanted us because (while they did have plans for food) they didn’t have any dessert. One neat thing is that we will give away doggy cupcakes, too. The first 30 people to come by will get one.

When will you be there?

10am – 6pm.

And what flavors will you have for humans?

(laughs). You said, “for humans…”. Well, for them we’ll have Red Velvet, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Sweet Potato, Lemon, Coconut Vanilla…oh, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Yay for Sweet Potato! I have to admit, as dumb as this sounds, I was a bit nervous to try it. I’m new to sweet potato desserts.

Everyone has that reaction. Everyone is a little hesitant and then they try it and love it. We offer Sweet Potato because it’s different; no one else has it.