Rupert Likes Rhee

World Economic Forum

The list of famous people who are fans of Michelle Rhee now includes media baron Rupert Murdoch:

In a speech…He said more people like Rhee need to stay in place to overhaul an educational system that overspends to protect ineffective teachers through their unions and the politicians who support them. He said no business could ever operate like the monopolies that school districts have become, without performance goals or consequences when those goals weren’t met.

“Let me be blunt: There’s not a single one of us in this room tonight who would allow one of our children to be randomly assigned to a Washington, D.C., public school,” Murdoch said.

WaPo reader “UrbanDweller” was not impressed by Murdoch’s endorsement and commented accordingly:

If Rhee is doing such a remarkable job then why isn’t there a flood of excellent, certified, experienced teachers into DCPS from places like Montgomery County and Fairfax County…especially now since it would be higher pay? Why aren’t her counterparts in those places rushing to her defense? Why is it her biggest supporters are big money private corps. who aren’t connected at all to public education but have a financial interest in it? Why won’t WaPo do some REAL investigative reporting and expose Rhee for what she is which is a big fraud!