Vince Gray’s Fans who were Formerly Fenty’s

Have you seen “Formerly Fenty“? It’s an offshoot of Vince Gray’s campaign site featuring voters who were once fans of our current Mayor. Most interesting/potentially damning? The videos from two ex-Fenty staffers, who describe their issues with their erstwhile boss. Here’s his quondam Deputy Chief of Staff, Neil Richardson:

And here’s a highlight from that video:

Unfortunately, earlier in his administration, I saw budget processes that were transparent become opaque, I saw a strategic planning process which was the best in the country completely dismantled, and I saw processes put in place to make it difficult for the city council and the public to find out what was going on. I decided to resign. I decided that i no longer believed in what the Fenty adm was doing and we were breaking our commitments and promises to people that we made on doorsteps across this city. Good government should serve the interests of all people, not just the special interests of the few.

Of course, the words of ex-employees should be listened to with potential biases in mind, but there’s no denying how these video statements could sway an undecided voter.