Twitter: Making Early Voting Easier in DC

Screenshot of DCBOEE tweets

This is useful and innovative; on the first day of Early Voting, the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics used Twitter to let potential voters know exactly how long the wait-times were, throughout the day.

Check out this customer service!

For those trying to vote on their lunch break (as I overheard Adrian Fenty suggest, the other day), a 90-100 minute line would be impossible to wait through. Unless you get special, two hour lunches to vote, in which case, please let everyone know if your civic-minded employer is hiring.

A few hours ago, DCBOEE tweeted that:

“Polls are closed; no voters were waiting in line. Completing paperwork for two special ballot voters.”

Then two hours ago, they followed up with the following break-down:

Unofficial numbers from our nightly audit log for Early Voting Day 1: 518 paper, 438 touch screen, 138 special = 1094 ballots cast.

Interesting! You can find DCBOEE on Twitter, here.