Speak Up for Food Trucks

Breakfast from Sauca

Sauca, one of many mobile purveyors of food in DC.

If you are enjoying the diverse array of food trucks which currently dot DC, especially around lunch time, you may want to speak up– by 5pm today. Yes, the deadline to comment has been extended. The Washington Business Journal explains why you’d want to:

D.C.’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs recently proposed regulations regarding the city’s many food carts, as part of a general overhaul the department has been doing regarding street vending in the city. But some business owners are against the regulations, and the food trucks in general, saying they create unfair competition for the existing businesses which draw lunch crowds.

These food trucks often travel to under-served parts of the city, where workers have few choices for dining. They change locations regularly and yes, they are popular, as our post on the Lobster Truck indicated. Yesterday, Twitter was ablaze with people beseeching their followers to email the DCRA. If you didn’t get to write an impassioned missive yesterday, you have four-and-a-half hours left to do so today.

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