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Tasty Morning Bytes – Peaceoholic Problems, Soda Sabotage, Transportation Tips

Good Morning, DC! Wait, are you still in DC? You’re reading this from the beach, aren’t you? Well, lucky you!  Happy holiday weekend!

Does Diet Soda Make You Fat? “…our brains can be retrained to learn that sweet taste doesn’t come with calories, and we can “decondition” the synthesis of addictive chemicals like dopamine that keeps us coming back for more. In other words, using artificial sweeteners may actually make us like the real thing less over time,” (The Daily Beast)

Labor Day weekend tips for traffic, Metro travel “It’s worth noting that this advice comes with accompanying clip art of two seagulls, one wearing a reflective safety belt reminiscent of sixth grade crossing guard duty. These seagulls obviously seem to lack any concept of time.” (

According to Vanity Fair, Spike Mendelsohn and Marcus Samuelsson = “Next Establishment” “Spike is on the list not only for his potential to “[own] the Hill’s dining scene,” but also the pizza/burger restaurant empire in the works. His inclusion is also maybe evidence that DC is truly the next major American food city.” (Eater)

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