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Tweet of the Day, 04.05

On the Mayor Vince Gray diss track:

Semi-serious question: Is this first-ever hip-hop video about government rates at hotels for relocating bureaucrats?
Mike Madden

D.C. Proposed Budget: Feel the Pain

Flickr: Andrew Magill

Reading city budgets are boring undertakings, but boy are they important documents. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s proposed fiscal 2012 budget has been out for a few days now, and it includes $187 million in cuts, 60 percent of which come from social services. Ouch. If you haven’t had time to comb through the pages and pages of proposed cuts, here are a few that would affect the District’s most vulnerable residents:

• $4,373,927 cut from Child and Family Services

• $30,655,447 cut from the Department of Health

• $8,802,107 cut from the Department of Mental Health

• $18,628,455 cut from the Disability Compensation Fund

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Kanye West-sampled diss track attacks Vincent Gray

You’ve been missing the Ron Moten-produced Adrian Fenty support songs from the 2010 campaign, we know. So thank goodness Moten has released a new, heavily-sampled political stump song. This time he’s remixed Kanye West’s “Power.”

This new song breaks the relative silence we’ve had since “Five for Fenty” and “Don’t Leave Us Fenty,” efforts to bolster Fenty’s street cred that obviously weren’t effective enough in getting him re-elected. We’re not sure if this latest song will make much of effect in the already waning support of the Gray Administration. We’re just excited there will be another music video. Yes, another one.

D.C: One City?

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray delivered his State of the District speech Monday night, and to the dismay of reporters assembled, there was little to no mention of recent scandals or specifics on upcoming budget decisions. But he did mention “One City.” Seven times.

Other notable mentions: comparing crossing the Anacostia River to entering a new continent, allusions to food deserts and boat metaphors. Read the full text here, but here’s an excerpt that may be of particular interest to our readers:

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