A Gandhi Warming on Sunday

Flickr: Steve Fernie

The statue which will be warmed on Sunday, at 21st and Q.

One of you forwarded an interesting event DCentric’s way– on Sunday at 3pm, there will be a Gandhi-warming. Yeah, that was my reaction, too. I thought of the distinctive statue of the Indian leader near Massachusetts Avenue, shivering under all this snow, and pictured people dressing him with a hat or a shawl. Turns out I was right:

k1-d2 and i are knitting a scarf, hat, and a flower garland for gandhi in DC! we are excited to do this again & would love it if you would like to contribute as well!

please bring no-longer-used or newly knitted hats/scarves to give to those in need, flowers for his feet, or just enjoy a bit of camaraderie while listening to some beautiful indian music during gandhi’s warming ceremony, which we are really excited to be doing this again this year!

It’s neat that the organizers are collecting hats and scarves for those who need them. The Facebook event page is here; looks like 29 people are attending.