How many hyphens and slashes are enough?

Mr. T in DC

The Green Line likes long names.

DCist discusses local groups (like ANCs and BIDs) who would like to add even MORE words to our already cluttered, hyphenated Metro stops:

This isn’t a new debate. Metro station names have gotten somewhat out of hand over the last 15 years, especially on the Green Line. (Excuse me while I hop on at U Street / Cardozo / African-American Civil War Memorial, roll through Mount Vernon Square-7th Street / Convention Center, and then exit at Archives / Navy Memorial / Penn Quarter.) It’s station name creep, plain and simple, and especially galling when you think about how, at the genesis of the Metrorail system, station names had a limit of 15 characters.

About those random chicken bones…


He's eyeing you. And he's got a chicken bone in his left paw.

Whoa. TBD blows my mind with this one: “Who’s really responsible for chicken bones on the ground?” As someone with an extra-inquisitive puppy, who lives in a neighborhood where chicken bones litter the sidewalk, I would love to know who is really behind the random bones being flung about…

one former Capitol Hill resident wishes her neighbors would think before assigning blame for how they got there.

It might sound trivial, but it’s an issue that’s come up at the ground level of local governance of late. Last week, we told you about Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A’s attempts to get a new 7-11 on H Street NE reclassified as a fast-food establishment. The ANC’s issue with the national convenience store chain stems from, among other things, concerns over their insistence on selling prepared chicken wings. Chicken wings lead to chicken bones being tossed carelessly on the ground, the commissioners have reasoned, which can be dangerous for dogs and attract vermin.

Yes! I live around the corner from a 7-11! No wonder… Continue reading