Tasty Morning Bytes – Tax Migration Myths, College Access Success and a Bike Trail Attack

Good morning, DCentric readers! Start off your work week with some zesty links:

Fact: Income Tax Migration is a Myth "The Mayor’s income tax proposal has been met with resistance from some Councilmembers, who fear the flight of higher-income residents. The researchers quoted by NPR find that this concern is not backed by real-life experience: “[T]axes [have] essentially no impact on causing people to leave a state,” according to Jeff Thompson of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This is because high-income residents, like all residents, have ties to their communities — jobs, family and friends, investments — that are unlikely to be shaken by a modest change in taxes." (dcfpi.org)

A college connection for D.C. students "The D.C. College Access Program,which sponsors a citywide network of advisers who help students with college admissions and financial aid, is a rare example of sustained success in the perennially troubled city school system…Program officials say their work in the past decade has contributed to a doubling of the college attendance rate for the city’s public schools, to 61 percent of high school graduates. That is near the national average of 69 percent. The estimated share of those students who finish college within five years has climbed from 15 to 40 percent." (The Washington Post)

Albert Haynesworth Is Just Not That Into You "Yes, we're sure the waitress wanted the biggest bust of the NFL in the last two years…The same NFL player who tried to stomp on Dallas Cowboy Andre Gurode's head (without the helmet) when playing for the Tenessee Titans in 2006 is so desirable. The same man charged with road rage in February and has Redskins fans publicly demanding that he be traded for his poor performance, matched only by his poor attitude, is a catch. Not to worry, Haynesworth; black women are not losing sleep over you." (The Root)

Truancy in District Poses Uphill Battle "Truancy among students in the District is a serious issue, and with about one in seven high school students attending classes only about three times a week…Recent reports have stated that as many as 2,000 students a day are reported truant in the District. Some of the reasons include domestic issues, bullying and lack of transportation. “But, I think that most of the kids who are not attending simply don’t like school or they just aren't doing well in their classes,” said D.C. Council member Michael Brown (I-At-Large)." (Washingtoninformer.com)

Victim Says he was Attacked on Metropolitan Branch Trail "It happened Thursday night around 6PM. A biker named Todd says two teens jumped him as he rode his bike along the Metropolitan Branch Trail. The attackers never said a word. They did not try to steal from him…just pummeled him. He sustained several injuries…Todd is warning other cyclists through community listservs and bike websites. He also appealed to both D.C. police and the Guardian Angels for bike patrols." (myfoxdc.com)