Tasty Morning Bytes – About Juan Williams, Gentrification, Mental Health

Good morning, DCentric readers! While you were contemplating this adorable lion cub, I was at NPR headquarters meeting other Project Argo participants. Thanks for letting me take a break, yesterday.

Juan Williams Tossed From NPR – Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic “This is not about free speech. Sanchez and Williams are free to say whatever they want–just as their employers are free to dissociate themselves from their remarks in any legal manner they choose. I’m all for free speech. But I would not expect my current employer to allow me to use this space to vent, as fact, all the prejudiced thoughts that fly through my head. I guess I understand how you come to believe that someone in Muslim dress is less American, or that Michelle Obama is actually “Stokely Carmichael in a dress.” But I’m not clear on why, in this era of blogs and social media, NPR then owes you their association.” (The Atlantic)

Gentrification needn’t displace if we do more than shrug “It’s laudable to raise the question of one’s location in a gentrifiying neighborhood—those of us who live in or might move into a such a neighborhood should be self-reflexive about our presence. But McArdle simply shrugs her shoulders at the issue, assuming the effects and changes her investment will bring are inevitable. They’re not, and potential gentrifiers need to talk about the real issues and policies that can solve them.” (Greater Greater Washington)

GW student proposes ‘Christian only’ swim hour “One white, conservative Christian woman, despite being inconvenienced neither by the pool’s regular swim hours nor by the women-only session, takes exception to this arrangement. “As a female, I feel the need to speak up regarding the idiocy of this most recent example of politically correct nonsense. Namely, the audacity of creating female-only swim hours to ‘accommodate’ female Muslim students,” (tbd.com)

Crime Scene – Nine indicted in DC drug ring “PCP is an especially potent poison that kicks off violent and erratic behavior that threatens our families,” Machen said in a statement. “This case demonstrates that we will aggressively prosecute those who sell PCP and other dangerous narcotics on the streets of the District of Columbia.” (voices.washingtonpost.com)

The Year in Sanity: Ron Artest “…therapy had allowed him to confront lifelong issues, and the newly-anointed champion had decided to battle the stigma of mental illness among inner-city youths — a stigma that had long prevented him from seeking the help he needed. Artest has teamed up with Rep. Grace F. Napolitano to promote the Mental Health in Schools Act and plans to auction off his only championship ring to raise money and awareness for the cause. As Artest recently told middle school students in East L.A., “When you think about mental health, you don’t have to be afraid.” (Salon)

The District Curmudgeon: Don’t forget local history Before it was Wonderland: “Nob Hill was unique in that it was a black-owned gay bar, and until the time of it’s closing in the spring of 2004, it could claim the title of the “oldest gay bar in Washington.” Stories about Nob Hill exist in the archives of local publications like the City Paper and Metro Weekly. These stories note that the clientele was not exclusively gay, and the bar was open to all neighbors, though ownership did cater to black gay men.” (distcurm.blogspot.com)

Proposed Florida immigration bill would exempt white immigrants “Florida Republican state legislator William Snyder has proposed a great new immigration law for his state, modeled on that one in Arizona. But this one — which GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott supports, of course — has a special twist: White people are exempt!” (Salon)