Tasty Afternoon Bytes – HIV Tests for All, Very Rich and Very Poor D.C., Skinner Calls Out Gray

Good morning afternoon, DCentric readers! These links may be late, but look on the bright side…now you can nom them for lunch!

D.C. needs bolder thinking on HIV/AIDS (The Washington Post) Brad Ogilvie, founder of the Mosaic Initiative, an HIV-prevention organization, favors dramatic change in how the District fights the spread of HIV/AIDS, vs. an “entrenched system” or content-free pronouncements like “the mayor has made the disease his No. 1 health priority.” Ogilvie recommends HIV testing for everyone who lives and works in the District, including the graduating high school class of 2012, and he advocates for self-testing, as well.

Gap between local rich and poor among largest in nation (Washington Examiner ) According to a Richmond-based think tank, only New Jersey has a larger gap between rich and poor than D.C., which is number two on the list followed by Virginia and number 3. More: “The top 10 percent of workers in the District earned at least $53.68 per hour, while the bottom 10 percent make no more than $9.78.” Martha Ross, deputy director of Greater Washington Research at the Brookings Institution said, “It’s a real and disturbing trend,” said Ross. “The social fabric gets less [integrated] if there’s a bunch of high-income people and a bunch of low-income people and they don’t see their interests as aligned.”

Adrian Fenty’s fraternity brother: ‘Vincent Gray should resign’ (The Washington Post) Former ANC Commish and Fenty fraternity bro Sinclair Skinner has some strong advice for his friend’s successor: leave. He says the Mayor is corrupt, that he bullied Fenty out of office, and that he lied to voters by promising “integrity” but delivering nepotism and scandal. Skinner says, “Now, with Congress investigating Sulaimon Brown’s claims that he was paid and promised a city job to impugn Adrian during the 2010 mayoral race, D.C. must brace for what could be the greatest political embarrassment since Mayor Barry’s arrest in a 1990 drug sting.”

Dear WaPo: Biking is Not That Hard (Washington City Paper) The City Paper’s Real Estate Reporter, Lydia DePillis, takes issue with how arduous the Washington Post makes biking seem: “Really, it’s not some task out of reach to all but the toughest among us–it’s just an alternative (and one that’s a lot less stressful than sitting in rush hour traffic). I think the Post needs to find another frame.”

Police Investigate Overnight Stabbing In Northwest DC (WUSA Washington, DC) MPD is looking for two suspects who stabbed a man in the back approximately nine hours ago, on 11th and N streets NW. The victim has “serious, but non-life-threatening injuries”. At this point, there aren’t more details. No description of the suspects, either.

Anacostia Teen Shot by Another Teen (NBC Washington) Gary Gordon, a talented basketball player at Anacostia High School was a few months from graduating. According to police, a 15-year old girl is the suspect.