When Job Training Doesn’t Lead to Jobs

There are questions over the effectiveness of job training in D.C., a city where the unemployment rate is higher than the national average and peaks at 25 percent in some wards. Today, WAMU 88.5′s Patrick Madden continues his series on District-funded job training efforts. He found that the companies getting the most money in contracts are those offering commercial drivers licenses, or CDLs. D.C. Department of Employment Services Director Lisa Mallory tells Madden that companies offering CDLs will no longer get contracts because they don’t get people hired.

“The big employer with CDL in the District of Columbia is WMATA,” says Mallory. “We were sending 4,000 people in a year last year to WMATA. 90 got hired.” That means just 2 percent of D.C. residents made the cut.

“There is a problem with offering CDL to anybody,” she says. “If you don’t have a clean driver’s record, or even a record, or you’re not clean, in terms of being able to pass the drug test, you’re not gonna be able to be successful in that area.”

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  • Sylence

    What a brilliant insight.  You may need a clean driver’s record, and be able to pass a drug test?  Well now…lets get to work!