New Report Details Racial Disparity in School Punishment

A U.S. Department of Education report to be released later today will detail how racial minorities face harsher punishments in school than white students. More than 70 percent of students involved in arrests or cases referred to the police in the 2009-2010 school year were black or Hispanic, the Associated Press reports. The report, which is based on data from schools that serve 85 percent of the country’s children,  will also detail racial disparities in who is expelled or suspended from school.

Locally, black children in the D.C.-metro area are suspended at a much higher rate than white students. While poverty may play a role in the disparity in suspension rates, there may be some unintended bias against black students. Black students may also be attending schools with more punitive leadership styles.

“The sad fact is that minority students across America face much harsher discipline than non-minorities, even within the same school,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan told reporters.

Duncan said some school officials might not have been aware of inconsistencies in how they handle discipline, and he hoped the report would be an eye-opener.

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  • Silverissilencewhat

    “But that does not explain why poor black kids get suspended more than poor white kids and why affluent black kids get suspended more than affluent white kids.”

    Because poor black kids act a  hell of a lot worse than poor white kids. This is a no-brainer. Is this what liberal discourse has become, a head in the sand exercise?

  • Elijah405

    Because poor black kids act a  hell of a lot worse than poor white kids. This is a no-brainer. ”

    And I guess you have some sort of empirical evidence to back that up? As a former educator in a relatively poor area that had it’s share of both black and white kids, I can tell you that your statement is far from the truth. And obviously your stance and matter of fact-ness  on the topic cheapens your commentary.