Black Beauty Salon Catering to Whites

Businesses that have been in gentrifying neighborhoods long before rising property values and changing demographics are in precarious situations. Some adapt successfully to the new market, while many others don’t.

Chet Bennett, who owns a beauty institute in D.C., has opened a new beauty salon and spa along the U Street corridor. But rather than just serve black clientele, he’s reaching out to nearby white residents as well. “To be a successful business,” he tells the Washington AFRO, “you must adapt to the changes and don’t give up.”

“We want the newcomers of the surrounding neighborhoods to know that we cater to all textures of hair and skin whether they are Asian, Caucasian, or African descent,” said Bennett. “Don’t get caught up on the hype that Black hair stylists can’t do straight hair because we’re Black. We are accustomed to doing it all from bone straight to natural hair.”

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