D.C. Gentrification Story Goes Global

The overarching story of gentrification in D.C. has been told time and again by local and national news outlets. But international media are increasingly picking up on the story. Last month, official Iranian international news agency PressTV covered demographic changes in D.C. And today, French news agency and wire service Agence France Presse has its own D.C. gentrification story, with much of the narrative focusing on H Street NE.

What do you think of how the media depict gentrification in D.C.?

H Street, a long avenue that heads into the heart of the city, has been cast as the next Georgetown, an affluent neighborhood filled with world-renowned shops and home to many of Washington’s richest people.

Such comparisons may be premature but traditionally African-American areas in Washington such as Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, and U Street, have fallen like dominoes in recent decades, with whites and Hispanics moving in.

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