D.C.-Area Named Best Place To Find A Job

Looking for work? It shouldn’t be too difficult in the D.C.-metro area, at least according to a new list of best places to find a job. The rankings, published by Forbes and based on data from human resources firm Adecco USA, took into account employment levels, job growth and job demand.

The D.C. region ranks first. But while people from around the country flock to the District for jobs, many residents are out of work, with large sections of the city facing chronic, high unemployment. The reasons behind such a disparity are complex and interwoven, ranging from many lacking the education credentials needed for jobs in D.C., to others having criminal records.

The human resources firm Adecco Staffing U.S. looked at the U.S. cities with the fullest employment, according to the Department of Labor, as well as internal data around job growth and demand, and then determined which areas are the best for finding a job. Here are the top 10 cities for jobs right now.

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