[Stuff] Who Says? (Video)

The [Stuff] people say meme has come to D.C., courtesy of this SocialStudies DC video (which you can watch at the bottom of this post). Some choice lines include, “Wait, where are you from, originally?” and “It’s only $1,400 a month for their converted sunroom, so, not bad.”

But who’s really saying this stuff? Is it really accurate to call it “[Stuff] D.C. says?”

A couple of people, including @clintonyates, tweeted the video is really things that white people in D.C. say.

@ Funny, but very "white DC" tho. You can't have a DC video without the words "bamma" and "uhrea" (DC pronounciation of area)
Ricky Ribeiro

A few folks pointed out that race and class don’t always intersect:

@ @ By "white people" do you really mean young professionals? Age and class ≠ race.
David Garber
@ My co-worker just IM'd me "This sounds like you!" It's definitely not just white people. ;) cc: @ @ @
urban bohemian

@IMGoph further clarified, tweeting it’s really things said by “young people who live mostly in NW and tend to be mostly white.”

.@Sonya_Wins tweets the “video is funny but only if you hang/work around transplants. Otherwise, you probably won’t get it.” She also suggested a video of “native Washingtonians,” which is used by some as a code word for “black Washingtonian.”

Such complaints over the racial and class implications of the video are classic D.C., writes TBD’s Jenny Rogers. “Complaining about hipsters/white people who aren’t from here/people from the suburbs in D.C. Congratulations…  You’ve just added to the list of [stuff] people in D.C. say.”

To be fair, the entire meme is based on stereotypes, so obviously the D.C. version won’t be able to capture all of the nuances and complexities of our demographic makeup. One line in particular stood out to me: “Wait, isn’t Anacostia, like, really dangerous?” Perhaps the next video should just highlight common stereotypes held by people in D.C.

  • http://twitter.com/Sonya_Wins Sonya P. Collins

    I kept the racial element out of my tweet because I know that DC transplants are inclusive of people of varying races and ethnicities. As for a video about “Native Washingtonians”, I see how this is looked at as code word for “black Washingtonian” considering at one point the racial demographic of DC was largely black. That’s ok with me. For me to understand and find humor in the video, I had to be quite familiar with the experience of transplants, especially having been one in other cities and hanging around both a native and non-native population. However, growing up in and around DC, I know many of my peers just wouldn’t get it because that’s not their life. 

    Right before I watched the “Shit DC Says” video, I also watched the “Shit New Yorkers Say” video. I also thought this was funny but realized this video, too, was filmed from the perspective of a not-so-native New Yorker (I’m an NY transplant as well). Perhaps the “Shit Native City Dwellers Say” meme hasn’t caught on yet but each city has its own set of stereotypes that would be found humorous as well.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clarifying and for your comment.