Poll: Is the D.C. Tax Hike Fair?

Plashing Vole / Flickr

While the national debate on raising taxes on the wealthy rages on, D.C. has already made its move. On Tuesday, the City Council narrowly approved a tax hike on those making more than $350,000 a year. The measure raises the tax rate by 0.45 percent, affecting about 6,000 D.C. residents.

Despite the strong divide in the District between the rich and poor, the debate surrounding a tax hike on wealthier residents is quite contentious, with some officials calling it fair and others characterizing it as lazy government. So, what’s your take on the tax hike? Participate in our poll below — or leave your own answer in the comments below:

  • http://www.unqualified.org/ Brian Flores

    It would make MORE sense to overhaul the entire tax code, but as it stands taxing everyone who makes more than $40K at the same rate does seem a little quaint.

  • Anonymous

    How about we pay based upon our use of government services.  Higher earners aren’t on food stamps, don’t live in public housing, don’t likely utilize the metro, aren’t commiting violent crime, aren’t tagging buildings, aren’t shoplifting etc.  They have a much smaller impact and “consumption” of government resources.  As such, the overall amount they pay should be much lower. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear God,
    Please save us from such people.