In Your Words– Psychology Today on Black Women and Beauty

Psychology Today blogger and evolutionary scientist Satoshi Kanazawa set off a firestorm of tweets today with his post, “Why are black women less physically attractive than other women?”:

science also proved the earth was flat... so i can't be that mad that they "proved" black women less attractive...
David Meares

A collection of local reactions, below the jump.

Featured image by Flickr user kris krüg.

  • nandalal rasiah

    Surprisingly, or rather not since i’m a skeptic, it’s “objectively’ that is the major bomb-thrower in his column.  He essentially provided the evo pysch theoretical backbone to the results that chris coyne provided on race, messaging and gender in OkCupid’s dataset.  Despite ‘matching’ on personality traits and views, black women were the least replied to and least messaged of all gender-race groupings.   So now Satoshi Kanazawa is a racist for his assumptions and retroactive adaption-fitting and Christian Rudder is still darling of the progressive set for his honesty about white people’s racism.  Seems the idiot ‘anti-racist’ axis of “outrage, action, flatulence,” is still in play.

  • TINA

    Well, unfortunately as a black woman, I agree that most bw are not as attractive as other races, but there are ends of the spectrum where I’ve thought some black women were breathtakingly beautiful.  On an average basis, yeah…black women need some serious work.  Most could be more attractive than they are but it takes a lot of work and discipline  that they don’t want to devote or they don’t know how to go about it. Few are doomed to be ugly regardless of what they did.

  • Agog

    What’s even more reprehensible is the quasi-scientific work by Kenneth & Mamie Clarke in this vein.  Next thing you know, Supreme Court decisions will get based on this horrid junk science!