Your newest DCentric blogger

My name is Elahe Izadi and I’m joining Anna John here on DCentric.

Anne Stopper

Anna John (left) and Elahe Izadi (right) are your DCentric bloggers.

I’m a reporter by day and a story teller at heart, whether it’s online or on a stage. I came from, where I wrote about squirrel underwear, broke a story about a National Archives raid and became the power outage lady. Previous to that, I covered Prince George’s County, reported from El Salvador and a South Dakota Native American reservation and lived in Panama. And yes, I’m a local — well, sort of. I was born in D.C. and have lived in or near the city for some years now, but I grew up in a small, rural Maryland town. Does that still count? Probably not.

Issues of race and class permeate almost everything in the District, from where we send our kids to school to which acts get booked at music venues. I’m passionate about examining these connections in the nuanced way they demand, and I hope to ask some difficult questions here on DCentric and gain some meaningful insights along the way. Have a story idea or something you want to see on the blog? You can leave a comment below, or contact me directly:, or via the Twitter machine @ElaheIzadi.

Oh, and I hate writing about myself.

  • Dana Tofig

    Good luck Elahe. You’ll do great!

  • Elahe Izadi

    Thanks Dana!

  • Jay Savage


  • Anonymous

    Ela! Double trouble at DCentric!

  • Kate Myers

    Elahe! You’ve landed at a great place!!

  • PJ Andrews

    WAMU is lucky to have you Elahe!