The lickings will continue, until morale improves.

Flickr: Smithsonian's National Zoo

The best time to view the lion cubs at the Zoo is 12:30 every day, but they may not be outside, especially if it is cold...or if an extra-good episode of Sesame Street is on.

I often post “Awww!”-inspiring pictures of local baby animals whenever I have to go away for several hours, but I feel like this image is especially poignant and meaningful; you see, much like a parent taking care of the more mundane– and yet crucial!– aspects of raising a child, my generous employer, American University, is similarly cleaning me behind the ears when I’d rather be playing. And by cleaning, I mean training and by playing I mean blogging. I’m off to a training until 2pm. Regularly scheduled programming after that, not that it will be anywhere near this cute.