They could still probably use donations, though!

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D.C. has so much Christmas spirit!

Jenny Rogers, who writes “The List” for TBD, discovered something interesting when she looked in to volunteering for the holiday (and since we highlighted so many non-profits and ways you could help a few weeks ago, I thought this would be extra relevant for DCentric readers):

Having just eaten a pile of Christmas cookies and feeling full of holiday goodness, The List decided to look into some volunteer opportunities —‘tis the season, etc. To her dismay, local non-profit directors told her that, well, they just didn’t really need the help. In fact, all the organizations The List spoke to were turning away volunteers because so many people had already offered their time. In a region known for its wealth and often painted as dysfunctional, it’s a testament to the goodwill of the people who actually live here that they’re fighting over the chance to serve.

That’s surprising and impressive. Good for D.C., that so many of its residents are so interested in doing good for D.C.