Memorializing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

NBC Washington’s Aaron Gilchrist reports that efforts to construct a National Memorial for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are well underway:

The memorial will sit on four acres near the Tidal Basin between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and include a bookstore and visitor center.

Thirteen years of quotes from King’s books, letters and speeches will be displayed on 355 granite panels.

At the center of this $120 million project, Dr. King’s words are given form: ”a mountain of despair” — through which visitors will be able to walk — and “a stone of hope,” which bears a 28-foot tall sculpture of King less than a month from completion.

The monument isn’t scheduled to open to the public until August 2011, but you can get a 3d-riffic sneak preview in the video below. Meanwhile, today represents another milestone in MLK’s gigantic legacy: 46 years ago on December 10, he received the Nobel Peace Prize.