Look! 40% of D.C. is thriving!


There were no statistics available on the life expectancy of blue people.

UPDATE: DCist has apologized.

I was skimming Twitter when I noticed several people had linked to this DCist post, “Who Needs Attractiveness When You’re Living This Well?“. There was a stark difference in how the links were annotated; the white people I follow on Twitter had reactions like, “this is great!”. The black people I follow on Twitter wrote things like, “There really are two D.C.s”. Here is the DCist post, in its entirety (emphasis mine):

Okay, so maybe we’re not the best looking people around. But according to a report by the Social Science Research Council’s American Human Development Project initiative, the Washington region is doing pretty well for itself when it comes to life expectancy, education and income, topping a ranking of the ten largest American metro areas in those statistics. The long life expectancy of white D.C. residents (the longest among any group in the survey at 83.1 years), large numbers of people with college educations (about 47 percent of the D.C. region have at least a bachelor’s degree) and the employment and income boost that the federal government provides to the District and her surrounding suburbs were the driving forces that landed the Washington metro area the top spot. Take that, you shallow Travel+Leisure readers!

I understand why they didn’t include the statistics about D.C.’s chocolate residents; the average life expectancy for black people is the lowest, of any state. That’s not the greatest statistic to use when trying to address linkbait, and refute the baseless claim of an irrelevant magazine which no one reads.