It’s never too late.

A still from the video about the reunion.

This is wonderful. Fifty years after they graduated from high school, students from two segregated Northern Virginia high schools met for dinner, to get to know each other. For the Class of 1960, Loudoun High School was for White students and Douglass was for Blacks (via WaPo):

Jimmie Roberts, a 1956 graduate married to Peggy, a member of the Class of ’60, delivered a vivid history of Douglass, proudly noting that their daughter, Muriel Roberts Heanue, not only attended Loudoun after it integrated in 1968 but is now an assistant principal there…

Now, as they toured what was once Douglass, they talked about how integration was finally happening for them. At age 68, they are reclaiming some of what segregation took away.

“The friends we would’ve had,” said Sheila Kelly.

“The friends we should’ve had,” said Peggy Roberts.

There’s a video for the story which is worth watching, as well.