Ben’s Chili Bowl Loves Vegetarians

What I used to get at Ben's: Chili Cheese Fries

One of you emailed me this link to DCist with the subject line, “Good news for you!”. Thank you for that! As for the “news”, it turns out that Ben’s Chili Bowl just started serving vegetarian hot dogs; now I can finally eat something at Ben’s which looks like what the rest of you order. From Ben’s Big Blog:

For a few years now customers have been calling and emailing Ben’s requesting that they offer veggie hot dogs. Though it took some time to find the one that lives up to the quality and reputation of Ben’s, a veggie dog is now on the menu! Get yours with mustard, onions and Ben’s famous veggie chili. Don’t forget, for years Ben’s has offered Veggie Burgers, Veggie Chili, Veggie Chili Fries and Veggie Chili-Cheese Fries.

I’m a vegetarian and I love Ben’s…mostly because I have happy memories of the instances when it’s almost empty and the staff and I sing along to “My Girl” or similar. Everyone who works there is so kind. And the chocolate milkshakes are yummy.

I like the chili, too, even if I usually have an omnivorous friend taste it “just in case”– that’s just a testament to how realistic and meaty it seems. The only thing I’ve had at BCB which I didn’t like was the Veggie Burger, but I wasn’t that surprised. The vast majority of places I go to– and I’m talking about restaurants which serve delicious food otherwise– offer disappointing veggie burgers. The one at Ben’s is dry and while microwaving it keeps it off the meat-covered griddle, it probably doesn’t help with texture. Here’s hoping the hot dog is a better veggie option. And anyway, yay Ben’s, for not forgetting about us herbivores!