Bare Shelves at SERVE

Bread for the World

I know that this blog focuses on Race and Class in the District, but as my boss once pointed out, a lot of the people who work in the city live outside of it. With that in mind, I wanted to pass along this plea for assistance, from SERVE, the largest food bank in Prince William county:

SERVE is in immediate need of canned vegetables, pasta, canned tomatoes, and pasta sauce or any other non-perishable food item. Our shelves are currently bare! We are providing food assistance over 500 families per month and will need enough to get us through the next two months. Donated items can be brought to the SERVE Food Distribution Center (10056 Dean Drive, Manassas, VA, 20110) Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. On Wednesdays, we have extended hours until 7:30pm.

That’s from an email I was sent, earlier today. I spoke to someone at SERVE who said their extended hours on Wednesday end at 8pm. Even if you don’t live or work near this facility, you might know someone who does, who’d be willing to help. As soon as I read this, I thought of the boxes of oatmeal and pasta cluttering my kitchen (huzzah for Costco); it’s a good reminder that pantries in the District are probably in need, as well.