Tasty Morning Bytes – a Disabled Dachshund, Sidwell Football and Lunch with Obama

Good morning, DCentric readers! Ready for some links?

Paraplegic dog finds adoptive home; more pets remain in need “Buddy is a five and half year old dachshund. A spinal problem cost him the use of his hind legs, but his tail still wags. Despite buddy’s problems his life is good, thanks to the care of his owner. “I love him so much it is not tough on me at all,” said Janet Harris. “He is a very happy little boy he bounces, bounces up and down and play.” Harris has had health problems, she lost her job, is losing her home, and now has to give up her dog. “I can barely stand. I am kind of not trying to think about it because he is like my baby. He IS my baby,” shared Harris.” (tbd.com)

Fenty Write-In Campaign Drives Mayoral Write-Ins To Nearly 23 Percent the committed movement to write-in Mayor Adrian Fenty was the driving force behind the casting of 27,828 write-in votes in “…yesterday’s general election, nearly 23 percent of the approximately 125,000 votes cast. The vote total is all the more impressive when one considers that the movement to write-in Fenty was working with almost no money and lacked the support of the candidate it sought to elect.” (DCist)

Sidwell Friends’ Football Futility: The Obama Kids’ School Football Team is Losing Worse than Dad’s Party “Sidwell bashers: “Sidwell is a girls school that happens to have boys.’” “At other schools, excellence in the classroom and athletic fields are not mutually exclusive.” “Maybe Sidwell should consider a flag football league. Or just games where boys tickle each other with feathers.” Sidwell sympathizers: “Come tell some of the real male athletes (yes, there are a few) at Sidwell that they’re ‘girls’ and they’ll sort you out.” “Sidwell just isn’t a meathead school. Hey, if you want a meathead school, head to Landon.” “Landon athletes will have plenty of time to lift weights in prison.” (Washington City Paper)

Trans athlete will test NCAA “A transgender female-to-male basketball player at George Washington University is about to put the NCAA to the test. Kye Allums has been on the school’s women’s basketball team since 2008, but when the season starts later this month, the 20-year-old is premiering as a man. It will be the first time an openly transgender player has played Division 1 basketbal…Luckily, Allums’ coach and teammates are supportive of his transition — but it will be interesting to see how the NCAA handles the situation. It has no official policy on transgender athletes…” (Salon)

Vince Gray gets lunch invite from Obama “Gray disclosed the invitation, which he said he received from a White House staffer Tuesday, during a news conference to announce his transition team. Gray began his speech by immediately addressing the city’s divides. He said the election revealed that they still exist, but “it also became clear that there is much that unites us as a city.” (voices.washingtonpost.com)

A New Coffee Joint from the Man Behind Ray’s Hell Burger “I just this second hung up the phone with Michael Landrum, the iconoclastic restaurateur who operates Ray’s the Steaks and Ray’s Hell Burger. Landrum has big news on this chilly Election Day morning: an announcement of a new coffeehouse venture…”The first Ryse is a prototype to work out the operating model, which we will then seed throughout the city where most needed. Our goal in this is to not only provide services, but employment opportunities in neighborhoods where people live. And further, to allow for employees to become economic stakeholders — even part-owners — or earn the right to become franchise holders.”