D.C. To Get Latino LGBT Community Center

A community center opening next month will cater to D.C.’s Latino lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Casa Ruby is the project of local activist Ruby Corado, who tells Metro Weekly that the center will also welcome people who aren’t LGBT, and connect them with local non-profits and District services. The center is located at 2822 Georgia Ave. NW, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Corado says she hopes to reach segments of the population who don’t have access to resources or services, including transsexuals, sexual minorities, youth and people struggling with immigration-related issues. She expects the resource center to double as a community center where people can meet and spend time with friends.

”I live in D.C., I grew up in D.C. Many people have opened doors for me, and now I want to be able to open doors to everyone else,” Corado says. ”Even though some services are going to be targeted to some groups, I envision this as a multicultural center.”

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