D.C. Area’s Government Job Industry Not the Strongest

Love maps and employment data? We do, too. The Urban Institute’s MetroTrends team has released an interactive map showing the strongest industries for 100 metro areas. One surprising fact about the D.C. area: we do not lead the nation in terms of government job strength. That distinction goes to the Nasvhille area, which experienced a 14 percent increase in government jobs between 2009 and 2010. Meanwhile, the number of government jobs in the D.C. area only increased by about 3 percent.

Metros are colored and ranked according to the industry’s change in jobs since the end of the recession (6/09). Metros are also ranked according to the industry’s share of all jobs in that metro. Who has experienced the greatest growth in Manufacturing? Lansing, MI. Finance? Dallas, TX. Education and Health Services? Phoenix, AZ

Read more at: datatools.metrotrends.org