Belafonte on Occupy Wall Street: ‘In the Humblest of Places Resides the Power of the Miracle

People of the Occupy protest movement: singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte is on your side. He appeared on WAMU 88.5’s Kojo Nnamdi Show Wednesday and spoke about those protesting against corporate greed and political corruption, saying “a lot of people look at these young people in these zones of rebellion and try to poo poo them as just something that will go away,” but “in the humblest of places resides the power of the miracle.” He went on to say “there is something happening here that should not be looked upon and dismissed as just some little, annoying moment in social rebellion.”

Belafonte is well-known for his social activism; he was friends with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., financially supported the civil rights-era Freedom Rides and helped organize the March on Washington.