Unemployment Rates By College Majors

Kris Connor / Getty Images

Students wave to video cameras during the 2010 George Washington University commencement on the National Mall.

Your chances of getting a job depend greatly on your major. A Georgetown University study released Wednesday shows that unemployment rates among college graduates are highest for those who majored in architecture, arts and the liberal arts.

Some want to address D.C.’s high unemployment by getting more District youth to go to college; unemployment is 26 percent in Ward 8, where half of adults stopped their schooling at high school. That’s the impetus behind a new D.C. proposal requiring all District high school students to take a college admission exam. But these unemployment figures show that simply getting a college degree won’t be enough to prevent you from being unemployed. There’s also a racial disparity: young black college graduates face double the unemployment rate than white college graduates.

Here are the recent college graduates with the highest unemployment rates:

  1. Architecture: 13.9%
  2. Arts: 11.1%
  3. Humanities and liberal arts: 9.4%
  4. Social science: 8.9%
  5. Recreation: 8.3%
  6. Computers and mathematics: 8.2%
  7. Law and public policy: 8.1%
  8. Life and physical science: 7.7%
  9. Engineering: 7.5%
  10. Business: 7.4%
  11. Communications and journalism: 7.3%
  12. Psychology and social work: 7.3%
  13. Agriculture and natural resources: 7%
  14. Health: 5.4%
  15. Education: 5.4%