Bearing Gifts We Traverse Afar

Flickr: Mr. T in DC

Three Kings in the Epiphany Procession in Columbia Heights, 2009.

The New Columbia Heights blog points out what I missed on Sunday (drat!):

This past Sunday was Epiphany, also celebrated as Three Kings’ Day. Latin American Catholics in the neighborhood (and around the world) celebrate it with a big procession of people dressed as the Three Wise Men, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, and more, complete with donkeys and sheep.

The procession goes down 14th and ended with a performance at the Gala Theatre, plus free churros and hot chocolate…The reader says more animals showed up a bit later.

Always like to see interesting cultural traditions like this.

  • P.J. Orvetti

    My wife and one of my sons happened to pass by the procession on Sunday, and he told me he had seen goats and chickens on the way to the Giant. This being Columbia Heights, I thought it was a street market. :)