Jim Graham and Ellwood Thompson: Not on the same page.

William Beutler

Artist's rendition of what the legendary DCUSA Ellwood's might have looked like...

Is Ellwood Thompson’s coming to DCUSA or isn’t it? The City Paper reported:

According to Councilmember Jim Graham, the Richmond-based organic food store recently ended its two-year flirtation with the DCUSA location–and will lose about a million dollars in breaking its agreements.

But then TBD had this statement from the owner of the Richmond-chain:

Richmond-based organic grocer Ellwood Thompson’s has not abandoned its plans to open a store at the DCUSA retail complex in Columbia Heights, according to company owner Richard Hood…”I don’t know why Jim Graham is saying this. We are not in default. We continue to work with the landlord to make this happen,” Hood said.

I called my Councilmember, Jim Graham and emailed two of his staffers to find out more but his office has not responded to my inquiries. Like many of my neighbors, I felt relief earlier today, when it seemed like this never-ending saga finally had a (any!) resolution. I should’ve realized that when it comes to Ellwood Thompson’s and DCUSA, any pronouncement should be taken with a lot of salt– if only I had a grocery store on my block, from which to buy it.

  • http://twitter.com/miller_stephen Stephen Miller

    “If only I had a grocery store on my block, from which to buy it.”

    Right, because Target (which expanded its grocery recently) isn’t in the same building as the Ellwood Thompson, and a new Giant isn’t a block away.

    Columbia Heights is not a food desert.

  • Anonymous

    I never said it was a food desert, nor do I deny that Target and Giant are near. But if we’re going to be petty, neither of those is on Irving Street. I wasn’t insinuating that there is nowhere to buy salt nearby. It was just an attempt at wit, a rhetorical flourish. Thanks for commenting.