She Loves her Hair.

I saw this video on PostBourgie. Then I learned the sweet backstory to it via NPR:

Joey Mazzarino, the head writer of Sesame Street, is also a Muppeteer who wrote the song for his daughter. Mazzarino is Italian. He and his wife adopted their 5-year-old daughter Segi from Ethiopia when she was a year old.

Mazzarino wrote the song after his child expressed her desire for long, straight hair like her dolls.

In writing the song, he wanted to say in song what he says to his daughter: “Your hair is great. You can put in ponytails. You can put it in corn rows. I wish I had hair like you.”

That simple message that hair is a good thing has caused an outpouring from women. Mazzarino got a call from an African woman who told him the song brought her to tears. “I was amazed, ’cause I sort of wrote this little thing for my daughter and here this adult woman, it touched her,” he says.

Mazzarino says he’s happy to report his daughter Segi loves the song — and her hair.