Tasty Morning Bytes – Record Demand for Food Bank, Pleasant Affordable Housing and Health Disparities

Good morning, DCentric lurkers! Here are some of the stories we’re reading, right now:

Arlington food bank sees record demand “‘I come here because I can’t get food stamps because I make too much,’ said Donald James of Arlington. ‘How can I make too much money when all my money goes to rent and utilities?’” (The Washington Post)

Protesters Occupy Washington, D.C. “Only one protester made a specific reference to race; and she was wearing a message to Herman Cain on her back: ‘I Am Black & Democrat, not brain washed.’ It was an apparent reference to his disparaging remarks about blacks tending to vote Democratic.” (colorlines.com)

St. Dennis Reopens in Victory for Affordable Housing “In 2004, developers set their sights on the building located at Kenyon and 17th Streets in Mt. Pleasant, hoping to turn it into high-priced condos in the fast-gentrifying neighborhood. Bit by bit, they chased away residents, but three steadfastly refused to leave — Eva Martinez and her daughters, Anabell and Eva Aurora.” (DCist)

WestMill Capital’s Miller boys think big development by thinking small “It’s easy to be so brave, of course, when you were raised as Herb Miller’s kid. The pair grew up in a Q Street NW manse…In their childhood world, H Street didn’t exist. They’ll readily admit as much—then check themselves when they realize the political implications of negating a time when the strip served almost exclusively black people.” (Washington City Paper)

Place, Not Race, May Better Explain America’s Health Disparities “What the national statistics are really telling us is that minorities live in much higher numbers in unhealthy neighborhoods. And that means that in trying to address health disparities nationally, we’ve been looking for the answers to the wrong question. We should be asking what’s going on in these communities, not what’s going on within minority populations.” (The Atlantic Cities)

At French immersion school, a love for Russian “Often, the biggest Russian classes are filled with “heritage kids,’’ Sanders said. Not so at Goddard. At this school, where 82 percent of students are black or Hispanic, not a single person in Room 213 has a Russian background.” (The Washington Post)