Tasty Morning Bytes – Professor Fenty, Stroller Wars and Watching Washington

Good morning, DCentric readers. It’s time for links!

Fenty to teach at Oberlin in the fall “Former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will return to his alma mater Oberlin College as a distinguished visiting professor of politics, a featured lecturer and a career adviser in the Department of African American Studies. Fenty, a 1992 graduate who majored in economics and English at the Ohio college, will participate in in a politics course in the spring, according to a news release issued by the college.” (voices.washingtonpost.com)

The Mommy-Fight Site: Welcome to the D.C. Urban Moms message board. And by the way, your kid’s stroller sucks “You people are stupid snobs,” one suburban defender snipped. “Excuse us for relocating to the area.” “Sorry I can afford to live in 20016,” another retorted, referencing the ZIP code that spans many Upper Northwest neighborhoods. Still another mocked the site’s audience with an ode to “the gritty streets of Tenleytown,” that buzzing neighborhood of art, innovation, and a nearby Cheesecake Factory. The sarcasm didn’t faze the site’s stalwarts, who chalked it up to jealousy among those unable to afford Ward 3. “There’s no reason to be unkind to those less fortunate,” one commenter said.” (Washington City Paper)

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal To Overturn D.C.’s Gay Marriage Law “Council Member David Catania, who is openly gay and the author of the same-sex legislation, says while opponents of the measure have exhausted their judicial options, he expects they’ll continue to lobby congress to intervene. “As we go forward, it will be important for District officials to build relationships with the new subcommittee chairmen, especially in the House, and to advocate our point of view about this is…intrinsically a local District matter,” Catania says. Last year Washington began issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and in 2009 it began recognizing gay marriages performed elsewhere.” (wamu.org)

D.C. expanding public surveillance camera net “By bringing feeds from thousands more cameras to the central watching room…the District is joining other big cities like London, New York and Baltimore that in recent years have turned to cameras to fight crime and terrorism. But critics worry the District’s government might be going too far. “The D.C. effort to link public and private watching capabilities might be viewed as excessive,” said Jeffrey Rosen, a law professor at George Washington University who studies the balance between security and civil liberties. “It would make it hard to find a place in the city where people aren’t being watched by cameras.” (Washington Examiner )

Ward 5 group steamed over D.C. strip club “A strip club that a community group says was illegally relocated and is creating an appetite for prostitution in Northeast Washington is co-owned by a major Democratic Party donor and local developer who contributed to a controversial charity run by D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr., who represents the area. Mr. Thomas said last week that Keith Forney of Forney Enterprises Inc. — a company that has received more than $90 million in D.C. construction funds since 2000 — is a donor to Team Thomas, the nonprofit organization Mr. Thomas founded in 2000…” (Washington Times)

In Alexandria, fight over additional class time mirrors national debate “But these initiatives – favored by President Obama and floated in recent months by officials in the District, Prince George’s County and Alexandria – have run into more immediate political realities. Budgets are tight. Rules are restrictive. And some parents have balked at locking more of their children’s lives into structured activities…”My position is really straightforward,” Sherman said. “First, quality teachers matter in kids’ lives. Second, time matters. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 300 hours, time spent with a quality teacher makes a difference. That’s irrefutable.” (The Washington Post)