Tasty Morning Bytes – Illegal Chipotle, Guns in Georgetown and a Kid’s Advice for the Redskins

Good morning, DCentric readers! Here comes the sun!

Chipotle Facing Illegal-Immigration Crackdown in D.C. Now I’m going to have that Southpark episode (“They’re takin’ our jobs!”) in my head: “ICE realized they were getting a lot of bad publicity with construction site raids, so they’ve switched to this,” said Kathy Doan with the Capital Area Immigrant’s Rights Coalition. “These are working people with families.” (NBC Washington)

Since D.C.’s handgun ban ended, well-heeled residents have become well armed More are in Georgetown, not East of the Anacostia: “He said he keeps two revolvers, two semiautomatic pistols and a Benelli 12-gauge “combat assault shotgun” in his home. The loaded ones are in a quick-opening gun safe in his bedroom closet. He said he wouldn’t hesitate to use them.” (The Washington Post)

It’s Been a While Since the Redskins were in the Super Bowl, Right? Feel like smiling? A child who participates in 826DC’s tutoring program has some advice for D.C.’s team. It’s super cute. “MIKE SHANAHAN: Ice out the kicker if you have the time outs. PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!” Yes, sir! (826dc.org)

TFA Alumnus Describes Barriers to Student Achievement “don’t worry, I’m not going rehash Freedom Writers, and I certainly won’t tell one of those sappy “this is why I Teach For America” stories. Instead, I want to offer some very candid thoughts about why I think my district and school were such abysmal failures.” The word “abysmal” is right, unfortunately. (anurbanteacherseducation.com)

Beyond Bread: Restoration at Service Centers: Ideas from the Grassroots A view from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families front lines: “As a TANF recipient off and on the last few years, I know that people like me see the daily problems and we also see where changes can be made.” (breadforthecity.blogspot.com)

Maryland Homeowner Plans to Appeal “Boarding House” Ruling In Potomac, you better not have colored roomies: “The Huynhs rented out a downstairs apartment and an upstairs bedroom, so the homeowners association got a court order in November, saying a boarding house is not permitted and that persons of African, Indian and Asian descent move in and stay for a short time.” (NBC Washington)