Tasty Morning Bytes – Fleeting Retail Diversity, Russian to Learn and DCPS Residency Fraud

Good morning, DCentric readers! Ready for some link love?

What the Demise of the Mall Means to Georgetown’s Retail Landscape “The hulking and aging mall fit into the Jane Jacob call to preserve old buildings. She advised this because old buildings with smaller retail spaces tend to be cheaper to rent and thus can house stores that can’t afford prime rents. This leads to more retail diversity.” (The Georgetown Metropolitan)

At French immersion school, a love for Russian “Often, the biggest Russian classes are filled with ‘heritage kids,’ Sanders said. Not so at Goddard. At this school, where 82 percent of students are black or Hispanic, not a single person in Room 213 has a Russian background.” (The Washington Post)

A Constant Struggle For Work “I have no problems passing the drug tests, passing the urine tests. Everybody who says those of us in Ward 8 don’t have any skills. How much experience do you need to sweep a broom? Come on.” (The Root DC)

Bill combating D.C. school residency fraud gains traction “[Council Chairman Kwame R.] Brown said his bill is simply an attempt to preserve resources intended for D.C. children. Students from surrounding jurisdictions are allowed to attend D.C. schools, but they must pay tuition of roughly $10,000 a year. ‘Until Maryland and Virginia cut us a check for us to educate their children, they should not be allowed in our system,’ Mr. Brown said.” (The Washington Times)

Bi-National Gay Couple Facing Separation by Deportation “The Obama administration said bi-national gay couples can be considered low priority deportation cases. Gay immigration advocates have asked for guidelines for immigration officials working same-sex couple cases.” (NBC Washington)