Tasty Morning Bytes – Expanding to Ward 8, Occupy DC and Auditing Peaceoholics

After-School Program Receives Grant, Expands to Ward 8 “An afterschool program that already serves approximately 800 students in 27 schools across the District, is expanding to accommodate students in Ward 8.” (Washingtoninformer.com)

Hate speech against Muslims incites violence “Similar smear campaigns by intellectuals, social and political leaders targeted Native Americans, African Americans, Jews and Japanese Americans. These cases wrought untold destruction, until they were revealed as false and horrifying in the extreme.” (The Washington Post)

Occupy DC Protestors Gather In McPherson Square “They call themselves the 99 percent, and in New York, in LA, in Denver, and in DC they’re rebelling against a power structure that’s allowed the top one percent of Americans to amass more than a third of the nation’s wealth.” (WUSA Washington, DC)

Graham requests new audit on Peaceoholics “The group received $13.8 million from seven city agencies and the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. from 2005 to 2010, most during the term of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.” (Washington Times)

The power and pain of the N-word “The word is weighty and powerful and harkens back to a time when whites could do whatever they wanted to black people—call them any name, beat them, rape them and even kill them with impunity.” (The Washington Post)