Wonkette on H Street

Flickr: thecourtyard

H Street NE

Wonkette reviews Smith Commons restaurant, thinks H Street is a “Mainstream Urban Oasis”, and deems it our version of an “Epcot-like recreation of Brooklyn”:

Smith Commons is a fine establishment on H Street and just because it’s not overwhelmingly cartoon-y, it doesn’t mean that the area is losing its charm. Or maybe this Gentrification Part Two of the area is exactly what this means! We do not know these things. The New York Times hasn’t written a profile of H Street NE in years, probably because they’re too afraid to venture to the Northeast quadrant, so we guess we’ll never know. Oh well. We would just like some streetcars, please. The END.

Like Paul Masson wine, there will be no gray lady profile of a “hip” D.C. nabe, before its time.