Have you seen this puppy?

Washington Humane Society

Ivan is a four-month old pit bull puppy; he was stolen on Monday.

Last February, I adopted a little black and white puppy who was surrendered with her litter at the Washington Humane Society’s New York Avenue shelter, so I am extra-sad about this:

Four month old Ivan was snatched from his kennel at the New York Avenue shelter early on Monday afternoon. Three suspects were caught on surveillance video taking the dog from the shelter. The individuals entered the shelter on 1201 New York Avenue, NE posing as potential adopters. Once inside the shelter the suspects took Ivan from his cage and escaped by breaking through a wooden fence behind the building.

On the news, I saw a WHS official describe the crime by saying that the suspects entered a restricted area and then kicked down a wooden fence to exit with the puppy.  As commenters on other news sites and blogs have pointed out, the dog-nappers look young, and it’s possible that a local teacher or school employee might recognize them. I hope that’s exactly what happens and that the story is picked up by other outlets, so more people can see the suspects.

This is a picture of them:

Washington Humane Society

These three entered a restricted area at the Washington Humane Society's New York Avenue shelter and took a four-month old puppy.


“This is a heartbreaking situation. Every animal in our care is a member of the WHS family. Ivan was waiting to go to a good home, instead he was kidnapped and now we have no idea what the perpetrators intend to do with him and, most importantly, whether he is getting the care and love he needs. His safety is our number one priority and we hope with the public’s help, Ivan will be returned to us quickly, said WHS President & CEO, Lisa LaFontaine.”

WHS officials are asking anyone with information about Ivan to contact the Washington Humane Society/DC Animal Care and Control at 202-724-3834. Calls are confidential and a reward is being offered for information leading to safe return of Ivan.

There is a $1,000 reward for Ivan’s safe return, no questions asked. I hope that this was simply a case of three kids wanting a puppy and not having enough money for the $170 adoption fee doing something stupid; the other alternatives are too appalling to imagine.

  • Pet owner

    Washington times reports that the perps (Wards of DYRS no less) have been caught and the dog found unharmed.