An animated look at Michelle Rhee and Education in America

Check out this animated video on “Waiting for Superman” and American’s educational system from Hong Kong’s Next Media, the company which became famous after animating Tiger Woods troubles. Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee both star in it:

My favorite parts of that video were the sad trombone, the sign which read “Ye Olde Tony Private School” and the incongruous image of the American President speeding away from education issues in a BMW 5-series (vs. some Detroit muscle). Wired has more about the company behind the clips:

The team at Next Media Animation cranks out about 20 short clips a day, most involving crimes and scandals in Hong Kong and Taiwan. But a few are focused on tabloid staples in the US—from Tiger Woods’ marital troubles to Michael Jackson’s death. Seeing them filtered through the Next Media lens is as disorienting as it is entertaining.