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Unshoveled sidewalk near Glover Park.

This is great to see; in Glover Park, neighbors are coming together to help elderly or physically incapacitated people clear snow and ice while reminding others of their obligation to clear the sidewalk for pedestrians:

The sense of urgency to organize and pursue this initiative came from two sources. A primary driver was listserv traffic describing properties whose sidewalks have persistent snow and ice long after precipitation ends. Another factor was the occasional senior citizen or physically limited person who approached GPCA for shoveling assistance.

With feedback from residents, the ANC developed a snow shoveling flyer. The flyer explains the obligation to shovel sidewalk. It also promotes the availability of volunteers help with those who are physically unable to shovel. Any resident can print the flyer and leave a copy at a property with untreated sidewalks.

At no point was there significant discussion about how to formally validate that someone needed assistance. Organizers generally assumed that someone who approached the neighborhood for assistance legitimately needed it.

I think this fosters a sense of community, something which is sorely lacking in many parts of this city. The fact that such cooperation among neighbors makes it easier and safer to walk around is nice, too.

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